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Google Safebrowsing Google!

I will leave you with a nice screen shot, testing Google with Google's safebrowsing

Apple | The Art of Fooling End Users ?

If you are an Apple-products fan, please take it easy or leave now as all of this post may not appeal to you.

Starting from scratch, Apple has a trend in marketing its products.

1- Build version one with incomplete features though the technology is present and cheap.
2- Market the product as the simplest thing ever next to "saying 123".
3- Build version two with a little bit more features and much higher price.
4- Claim that upon user demand you had to add these features.
5- Keep the little secret inside, it is tying software to hardware.

Looking at iPads, I get a sense that Apple is not respecting its users. Making things overly simple and thrwoing in standard features slowly in next versions is lame.

You > iPad supports 3G.
Me > well my 2-year old Nokia mobile does too!

You > iPad has capacitive touch screen.
Me > What devices on earth don't now?!

You > iPad is lightweight.
Me > Technology devices are supposed to be, no news!

You > iPad is backed …