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Who needs audio/video Internet services when there is ffmpeg on Linux ?

So I joined ITWorx for eighteen days now, including weekends, and for the past two days I felt like I should have a special ringtone for my team lead. My mobile's ringtone is a builtin that is as old as the handset itself and I am not keen to do effort extracting it but it can be found on:

A few friends already liked it and asked me to send it to them but I always responded it is a builtin and I don't know how to extract it. Just now, a quick search on google using 'Sooth.aac' brought me to the link above.

Any how, let's get to the point. I usually watch NatGeo AbuDhabi and I wanted to have <NatGeo's Wild 2010 Preview> as a ringtone. Our TV set has horrible audio speakers, so I couldn't make head or tails of the preview except for the line saying "see what I see in the tree". With almost nothing from the lyrics, an English-language search on Google didn't help. So I searched in Arabic for …