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So I finished reading Inamorata and

I had a few days to break. I spent most of them usually working and in my spare time watching TED Talks. I have developed this syndrome of heavily watching TED after something big has happened. Finishing Inamorata was sort of big to me. Not in the sense of accomplishment, I have finished larger and more difficult books earlier, but in the sense of having peace with the feelings and the thoughts that poured upon me from the story. It's overwhelming with too many things to contemplate and re-calculate in a good sense. Many lessons to grasp and hold on to. It was also difficult to settle with the idea that one can easily find another book of at least the same quality writing-style and higher value thoughts to drive home. Then all of a sudden, after a few days, I started another Wattpad book. It is called "All we leave behind". After catching myself unable to put down the tablet expect when extremely tired, I figured out a common factor between the two books - although the …