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Samsung Galaxy Tab | iRead

Honestly, I am so grateful to Allah that he (SWT) allowed me to get a nice tablet. (P.S. I am not into a geeky review of my latest toy, but it does well except for automatically shortening dotted file names and turning Arabic ones into underscores)

I have used to thrive on reading while a teenager, but unfortunately I abandoned my best hobby since high school. The good news is that, I am about to be back in shaa Allah:

* Recently, in less than a week I have finished:
- The Alchemist, and
- Randy Pausch's Last Lecture (transcript)

* I have also finished 1/3 of each of:
- Act like a lady, think like a man
- Men are from Mars, women are from Venus
But I am not willing to complete any of them soon :D

* Currently, I am reading:
- عبقرية محمد
- لا تحزن

I would also like to thank both `Giuseppe Maxia' a.k.a. @datacharmer and `Linus Torvalds' for inspiring me to get back to reading despite they might have not meant to :)

“"Tell me what you read and I'll tell you who you ar…