Thursday, February 20, 2014

Those dark days of the Internet are coming...

-- Please accept my apologies being written on a Google service, you know Google's uptime is sexy --

So, Oracle makes most of the databases empowering telecom giants, and telecom giants offer mobile services to end users and end users are usually addicted to their smart phones that usually have What's app, Facebook and many Google products.

Now that Facebook has bought What's app, I can rest back and safely announce that the war has officially moved from desk / lap tops to mobile devices.

The internet will ruin itself and everything around...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Honestly, I have never reviewed a book before finishing it, but this time there is something inside me pushing me to review the book even when I am just at chapter 13 out of 41.

Talent when combined with smart and hard work along with love for what one is doing usually produces a masterpiece, something the majority approves of and likes.

On Wattpad, you can find Inamorata; an amazing story by Irish Rose. A story about humanity, morals, feelings, thoughts, and love. Unlike the trend of writing about a love story, Irish Rose wrote about a human in love with everything. You the reader, I bet, can't help except to fall in love with her.

The courage that Irish Rose had to write such that she makes you sometimes despise the heroine and at some other times be happy for her is really overwhelmingly beautiful. I can not imagine how hard it was for Irish Rose to write this down, but I believe the book heavily draws from real-world experiences and carefully crafts contradictions.

At first, I was astonished at myself how I am reading such a book, why am I reading about an un-naturally made prostitute? I won't change my rigid mind anyway. Then, I figured out that being a sci-fi book created tolerance my side for stuff I would have never accepted had the heroine had the choice to make this path.

After all, the book at the time of this writing had 2.5+ million reads. Taking into consideration that Wattpad itself is around 10 million users, you can now imagine how good is a book to draw 25% of the community on such a large scale.

The only weak thing I have noticed about the book is the naming-convention for the men. Names are straight simple, may be because that's how the author perceives men.

I have no idea but I bet Irish Rose, the author, have studied some social or psychological field. The analysis she does is very logical and convincing.

I would give this book as a gift to all those who hurt me and those who didn't, a book that will leave you thinking of everything you have done and willing to do.

Angie Tawfik