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To the people in my life

Mum, Dad, Sara, Radwa, Hend, Nashwa, Mona, Dina, Samar, Ibrahim, Mr. Gamal, Mdes, Mr. Fahmy, Mr. Mostafa, Mr. Mostafa, Mr. Mahmoud, Mr. Magdy, Mr. Ali, Mr. Ali, Mrs. Safaa, Mrs. Khadiga, Mrs. Zeinab, Mrs. Mervat, Mrs. Ehsan, Mrs. Salwa, Mrs. Nagwa, Mr. Reda, Mr. Ashraf, Eng. Hany, Mai.

I owe you all, and I love you :)

French French French

Again, another mile, another story finished. Honestly, after "All we leave behind", one feeling is ruling me above all. I gotta change my life and accept some stuff within, then I could make room for another book, and make time for seeking real joys.

Any how, I am writing to post a screen shot from French Open results. If any body knows me well here, they would wonder why I am writing "French Open" instead of "Roland Garros". May be because the French language is so delicate and feminine in pronunciation that many people love it. May be because the French perfumes are the best. May be both reasons, but for some reason I want to convey supremacy of the Grand Slam. I have always argued with many people that Roland Garros is far better than Wimbledon but I then figured out that it feels like comparing apples to oranges, totally different.

Here is the pic, I wish Gulbis this time have the guts to give Nadal / Djokovic a hard unforgettable time :D
Push them t…