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Mr. Excuses and The Rebound

A short story by Angie Tawfik He found her so sweet, that he would talk to her four continuous hours over the phone, he even did most of the talk, he wanted her to fall for him. He kept the strong and massive communication for almost 10 days. Then he asked her if she had fell in love before or not, she didn't give him a definite answer but told him a short story about an early childhood romance. It was one-sided romance. In the same phone call he started bragging about the fact that he never fell in love before. He lied. He was too much in love with his ex that he denied his capability to love altogether. She couldn't buy it, but didn't raise anything about it.

Shortly after that call, she told him she didn't like being with her ex-fiance, and enlisted a few drawbacks about that relationship but she didn't make a big deal out of it nor did he.

Then slowly the fires of his so-called caring started to put down, instead of him calling, she became the one who usually …