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Talented thinking and open minds

I was going to write about how these August, September and October are overwhelming in IT through:
- Google's purchase of Motorola Mobility,
- Compromising,
- Steve Jobs' death,
- Dennis Ritchie's death...
But I found that I won't be adding any thing new nor useful to the internet nor to my readers. So, I decided to change the topic.

What usually attracts me right after humans' morals is their minds. The more open, welcoming and optimistic is a person's mind the more my respect towards that person.

After all, it blows me out of my mind how many young people I find reading and willing to share and positively discuss ideas and how sadly our country has become. May be because of the under estimation of our capabilities that was instilled in us during childhood? Why most of us succeeds at something good, innovative and useful only after studying or working abroad for a while?

For me, Egypt is one of the most rich countries in the whole world... and since…