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The true and ugly side of the American Legal System

I subscribed to Constitutional Struggles in Coursera, and the below is an email from our professor showing the true and ugly side of the American Legal System:

Dear All,

I write this email under protest and with a considerable degree of anger and sadness. Few things illustrate the bone-headedness, short-sightedness, and sheer chauvinism of the political structure of the United States better than the extent to which its ideologues are willing to go to score cheap domestic political points with narrow interests in the pursuit of a sanctions regime that has clearly run its course.

You might remember the Apple ad from a few years back, in which the company proudly announced that their machines were now so powerful that they fell under export restrictions: "For the first time in history a personal computer has been classified as a weapon by the US government ..."

Well, that was a tongue in cheek quip at their Wintel competitors, but a…

Yanni - Nightingale

For the sake of the record, I love this piece. It resembles life...