Conditional Thinking

It has been long since I last wrote here, but I believe the idea I am about to discuss is worth highlighting.

After Jan 25 Revolution, I am having a new state of mind. It is refusing the conditional thinking. For many years, I have been doing many things without questioning `is it necessarily?`. I mean, for a very basic example, whenever you turn on both hot water and cold water taps, warm water should flow, right ?  ... Not necessarily! Many scenarios can take place. One of the taps may be broken, both may be broken, the heater may not be working, the water may be warm but carrying rust, water may be already cut off or indeed warm water may come out.. You name it.

My point here, these are two things interacting with each other based upon our action, yet the results are not guaranteed. What would you think of human beings interacting with each other, again, at a very basic level ?

If you scold me, there are many scenarios, I may ask you why you are scolding me, I may wait till you calm down, I may listen to your reasons, I may laugh, I may smile, I may scold you back, I may shout at you, I may cry, I may remain silent, I may ask people to witness your scolding, I may complain to other/s, I may officially escalate you, I may kill you, etc ...

Why stay limited to one option when there are many ?!?!

The next time you do a daily routine or interact with a beloved or someone you dislike, free your mind from memories of similar situations and become like a newly born, a vanilla-mind. Trust me, If (A), it is not necessarily (B). You will do better :) 


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