Azza Helal

If you have never been to Egypt in the last 10 years, please do not judge it from behind your PC and please do not generalize your views.

If you have never been to Tahrir Square, again please do not judge it from your TV screen nor generalize your views.

This said, now let's get to the core.

80+ million people concentrated in around 3% of their country with poor majority, a relatively small number of well educated people and the elites whom you can easily classify with the tags: power, money, corruption.

Now the elites to keep and grow their power and money have to work in a few directions (First Person):

- keep the poor as they are or drive them poorer so that they have no opportunity (mind / health / time) to find out our crimes,
- shut the educated up by any means in order not to enlighten the poor about how bad, evil and corrupted we are,
- make allies with whomever supports, protects, grows / can support, protect, grow our interests,
- hide our crimes, if not possible claim they never took place, if not possible allege that others committed them, if not possible claim that these crimes are necessary for the protection and the well being of the regular Egyptian,  
- keep everyone else busy,
- make more money, if not remain rich, gain more power, if not stay in power,
- make sure we are doing good in the items above.

As any other country in the world, when something major happens by or to the people of a given country, authorities of other countries are usually either:
* Friends to the people
* Enemies to the people
* Neutral
* Claiming to be friends to the people but they are actual enemies.

To put it short, most of the poor majority knows by heart that the authorities of both Israel and America are enemies to the Egyptian people. Despite they do not know that they are friends to the Egyptian elites!

Meanwhile, the problem lies in the facts that:

 - The elites are killing the educated,
 - The elites are making use of the poverty of the majority to turn them against the educated,
 - The educated are somehow tired,
 - There is more to steal from Egypt,
 - It takes good time, money and efforts to re-structure the Egyptian Media, Police, Judiciary, Parliament, Health and Education sectors. 
This said, we may succeed or fail to produce a better Egypt but at least we have the honour of attempt.

This post is dedicated to all the Egyptians who were jailed, beaten and killed by the Egyptian authorities including but not limited to Alaa Abdel Fattah, Azza Helal, Khaled Saeed and Mohamed Mostafa.

PS. Not dear American authorities, if you lose Egypt, you lose the world and we are keen you lose us and we mutually lose you. 

PS1. The genocide committed by SCAF against the Egyptian people (poor and educated alike) is a crime against Humanity that will be far remembered in history.
PS2. Of course I am not using the word `elites' for a positive meaning, this is just what popped up in my mind to classify the criminals.


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