HashiCorp and DevOps

I wanted to to write about my 2-week trip in 2013 to Düsseldorf, about going to a muppet show with my cousins, about losing one of my best friends, about being unable to breath, about jealousy, about sports, about learning to drive, about buying a car, about recreational activities, about Syria, about acne, about the books I recently finished reading and may be about other topics I can't remember now but I am writing about DevOps.

I must admit that I am impressed with HashiCorp and I bet they are re-defining data centers and web services life cycle alike. Their philosophy and products to the web and DevOps are like UNIX to operating systems. In other words, they are building what should be a solid base for the de facto Web Service life cycle in the next 15 to 40 years - only if they are given time, opportunity to grow and adopted by big market leaders.

I am not talking ITIL wise, I am talking Agile wise. What HashiCorp is offering to the field of DevOps is like offering the standard TCP/IP to networking. It might be flawed, but it works well not only on a large scale but on a huge one.

Unfortunately, revolutionizing and standardizing work flows or processes involves a lot of taste as a part of the reaction and also takes much longer to be adopted than doing the same with a technical solution. But I bet on what HashiCorp is doing. Keep it up, guys!         


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